Manual Heat Presses 2

Here you will find our line of manual heat presses. Manual heat press machines generally have a lower price when compared to automatic machines. To operate they require more user involvement and more touch and instinct.

Manual heat presses are great for shops just starting out as they offer a lower starting cost and allow you to get a feel for the industry. You will learn to apply the right amount of pressure, dwell time, and temperature for different types of garments and transfers. Soon it will become second nature, and you and your hand-operated heat press will become more efficient and approach the output of operators working with automatic heat presses. A key advantage of manual heat presses; they do not require air compressors so you have one less cost starting out and one less machine (the air compressor) to maintain.

We do offer a manual heat press machine, Insta 158, with an automatic release feature if that is more your style. Check out our selection of manual heat press machines for professional grade, high-quality machines from Insta Graphic Systems.