Phthalate Free.

    This Phthalate free heat transfer is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act for Phthalates & Lead and is the “go-to” option when printing on children’s wear (ages 3+). This opaque transfer holds exceptional detail, can be printed in single or multi-colors and has an extremely soft-hand. Phat Free is a great option for decorative graphics, and because of its ability to hold exceptional detail, is also ideal for small logos & labels.

    Efficient Application.

    The key to efficient high volume production using heat transfers, is making sure your transfer has a quick dwell time and hot peel capability. The quicker the dwell time and peel, the less downtime there is in between applications. Phat Free only requires 4 seconds under the heat and is peeled hot which makes this product the perfect method of printing for high speed production. The efficiency, degree of detail and cost savings that can be achieved by using a heat transfer label, versus a screen-printed label, is tremendous.

  • Great for children’s wear (3 years+)
  • Ideal for Tag-less labels
  • Great for logos with fine detail
  • Hot peel – 4 seconds dwell time – efficient production
  • Vibrant colors on light or dark fabrics
  • CPSIA compliant for phthalates & lead
  • Made in USA

Phat Free

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Children’s wear

Logos & labels

  • Cotton & Cotton blends
  • Polyester & rayon
  • Bamboo & hemp

  • Time: 4 - 6 seconds
  • Temperature: 325˚-350˚F/163˚-176˚C
  • Pressure: 35 lbs.
  • Peel Hot