Setting Up At a Trade Show? Increase Your Booth's Traffic With These 3 Tips

Setting Up At a Trade Show? Increase Your Booth's Traffic With These 3 Tips

By Instagraph | April 10, 2018
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Trade shows can be great for bringing in new customers to your business. They aren't always that successful, however, if you don't know what you're doing.

Here are some excellent tips for standing out at the next trade show you attend and increasing your traffic to your booth:

  1. Use a heat press machine to produce custom shirts and hats -- In 2016, the U.S. apparel market was worth roughly $315 billion. Though people will always shell out plenty of cash for certain clothing items, they also love getting these products for free. By using a heat press machine to design promotional T-shirts, hats, and other accessories, you’ll be able to create high quality products that you can toss out like candy at your next trade show. People love free stuff and will certainly gravitate to the booth that’s tossing out cool hats and T-shirts.

  2. Focus on your booth’s design -- You could have the coolest products or offer the most rewarding services at the event, but if your trade show display is lacking in originality and quality design, no one is going to want to check it out. You need to make sure every inch of your display setup is visually appealing and welcoming so you can maximize your interactions. Work with professional booth designers if you have to, and make sure to not overdo it, either. Having too much going on can work against you just as much as having a boring setup can.

  3. Staff your booth with friendly and knowledgeable workers -- You can’t just have anyone behind the booth interacting with people, you need to have workers who are well versed in customer service. If your booth workers aren’t welcoming or conversational, potential customers won’t enjoy interacting with them and will likely leave your booth before making any purchases or signing up. Additionally, you have to make sure your workers can answer any tough questions about your business and not just have a friendly conversation. Stand behind the booth yourself if you have to!

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