Most Durable Heat Press
& Transfer Solutions

Professional-Grade Heat Press Machines and Custom Heat Transfers:

• Optimizing Customer Profits • Reducing Risks

Innovation in Heat Press & Transfer Products

For over 60 years, Insta Graphic Systems has led the development of technology and durable products in the heat press and transfer markets. Insta’s innovation has driven performance and efficiency in heat press machines and resulted in a broader range of heat transfer solutions and products.Insta is recognized globally for providing an extensive portfolio of heat press and transfer products to meet customers’ needs. Whether you need a heat press for vinyl or any other custom heat transfer, Insta is known for its unique expertise in solving complex customer solutions. Great customer service is the foundation of why customers choose and refer Insta.

Professional Grade Heat Presses

  • Built-to-last heat press machines
  •  Even heat and pressure distribution across the platen 
  • Quick heat recovery from one application to the next

Durable Heat Transfers

  • Comprehensive selection of transfer materials
  • The right transfer for just about any fabric or design
  • Problem-solving service – in-house testing of your fabrics

Problem Solving and Productivity Partner

We work with you to select the right heat press machine or custom heat transfer to help your business grow and maximize your profits. Insta Graphic Systems is more than just a heat press machine manufacturer or custom heat transfer printing company. Our mission is to work with you and provide the information you need so that you have the right heat press machine and transfers for your job. The goal is a smooth and efficient transfer press process, minimizing waste and maximizing your profitability. You’ll be surprised by what Insta’s heat press machine & custom heat transfers  can do for you.

Reduce Material Waste

Transfers and garments damaged by an inconsistent heat press with cold spots or low pressure points on the platen are a thing of the past with INSTA heat press machines.

Increase Productivity

INSTA heat press transfer machines have quick recovery from one application to the next, so operators are not waiting for machines to re-heat before applying the next heat press transfer.

Minimize Downtime

When machines stop working, your production stops and customer delivery commitments can be in jeopardy. Our products are the most durable, hard-core machines and transfers on the market.

Standout Reputation

When INSTA heat presses and custom heat transfers are used in tandem, transfers stay in place and look great wash after wash, maintaining both your reputation and your customer’s reputation and loyalty.

Your Trusted Heat Press Specialists

At Insta Graphic Systems, we develop durable heat press machines and state of the art heat transfer techniques for fast and reliable results. Whatever material or surface you choose, our superior products will reduce waste and boost productivity. 

“Many of our employees have worked at Insta for 40 plus years. It is the commitment, dedication and loyalty of these employees that have made Insta a success. We are family.”

Janet Wells, President of Insta Graphic Systems


“We have your original automatic press and it’s lasted so long.
It’s like one of those Mercedes that goes a million miles. I highly recommend them.”

Insta Graphic Systems is proud to receive two 2019 Product of the Year awards from SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association).


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