Durable Sublimation Heat Press Machines

Sublimation printing with heat transfers uses a special type of ink that actually ingrains itself into the fabric, unlike regular heat transfers, giving the images and graphics an even longer lifespan. Sublimation heat press machines have the ability to reach the temperature and pressure levels needed for sublimation.   Sublimation heat presses present  more opportunities for you and your facility, allowing you to make higher-quality graphics and transfers.

Our sublimation heat presses give you the even pressure and temperature you need. When you integrate this machine into your operation, you open new doors for your company, allowing you to print better-quality images, graphics, and labels on polyester garments. Your customers will love the quality creations you can make using our sublimation heat transfer press machines.Shop our range of sublimation heat press machines. Your projects will achieve the optimum temperature and even pressure with the help of our sublimation heat press machines.

  • Insta 288 Heat Press (240 V) Machine Insta Graphic Systems
    Insta 288 Heat Press (240 V)
  • Insta 828 Heat Press (240 V) Machine Insta Graphic Systems
    Insta 828 Heat Press (240 V)
  • instakart rolling cart Heat Press Machine Insta Graphic Systems
    INSTAKART Rolling Cart

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