Innovative Custom Heat Transfers

No matter what surface you print on, we want your graphics to look phenomenal.

We offer custom heat transfers for many applications. Our durable transfers can withstand frequent wear and tear and work well on numerous fabrics.

With Insta’s custom screen printed heat transfers, applying  your graphics onto fabric couldn’t get any easier. Each product type includes the recommended heat transfer application settings. If you have any questions about which heat transfer to use, we can help you find your total solution.

Insta Graphic Systems is a US-based manufacturer. Our California-based sales team is here to partner with you on your branding requirements. When used in conjunction with our heat press machinery our highly durable heat transfers provide the best in class in the industry. Call our staff at — 562.404.3000 or E-mail us at sales@instagraph.com for a product consultation. Make the most of our full color heat transfers and create something amazing.

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Superflex HPF Sharks 22 Logo Insta Graphic Systems

Team Sports Apparel
and Uniforms

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SiliconeX Rams 7 Logo Insta Graphic Systems

Performance Wear/ Active Wear

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Infinity HPF 2 Logo Insta Graphic Systems

Eco Friendly

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TuftransII Street League Logo Insta Graphic Systems

Industrial / Work Wear

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InstaGrip Maximum Durablity Logo Insta Graphic Systems


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High Density HPF Logo Insta Graphic Systems

Casual Wear

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Heat Transfer Sample Pack

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Flexible and seamless custom heat transfers

For over 60 years, Insta Graphic Systems has been the industry standard for heat press machines and heat transfers.

Unlike vinyl and cad-cut transfers, Insta’s custom heat transfers do not require additional labor and equipment. They also expedite production by removing the need for repetitive and time-consuming steps such as cutting, pressing of the transfer for adhesion, and weeding of the design to eliminate excess films.

Increased Efficiency

Insta’s heat transfers are custom-made, available in a variety of styles and color options, and are printed to match your own design. The entire application process takes seconds. This includes dressing the garment or other substrate on the platen and imprinting the design using an Insta heat press machine.

The process is easy and efficient, making Insta’s heat transfers the perfect solution for time-sensitive, high-quality orders.

Greater productivity

Our heat press machines boast swift recovery from one application to the next. There is no need to wait for the equipment to re-heat before applying the next transfer.

Superior quality

Our custom heat transfers are long lasting holding their shape and color even after numerous washes. We also have the ability to work with a vast array of fabrics and designs. Our R&D specialists team will perform in-house testing of fabrics to ensure seamless processes and high-quality results.