Fastrans III 

Incredibly Soft. Perfectly Worn.

Fastrans III is a hot-peel soft hand heat transfer specifically formulated to provide the
appearance of a direct print ink but with the
ease and simplicity of a heat transfer.

Fastrans III offers an ideal solution for producing multi-color embellishments that exhibit
optimum detail and color when creating
decorative and high definition graphics as
well as small transfer images such as tag-free
labeling and multi-functional logo’s

Fastrans III Logo Insta Graphic Systems

This is a custom item. Please call or email to order:
562-404-3000 sales@instagraph.com

Product Features:

  • Soft Hand
  • Flexible
  • Fast and Easy Application
  • Suitable for large or small graphics
  • CPSIA compliant / Non-Phthalate
  • Cotton & Cotton Blends

Application Instructions

  • Time: 8 – 12 seconds
  • Temperature: 375˚– 400˚F / 191˚– 204˚C
  • Pressure: 40 lbs.
  • Peel Hot

Minimum Line Weights:

  • Positive line weight: 1 pt.
  • Negative line weight: 2 pts.

Heat Transfer Storage:

  • Heat transfers should be stored in original packaging until ready for use.
  • Store away from direct heat, sunlight and high humidity.
  • Shelf life: one year from date of shipment.