Insta 201 Heat Press Machine - Compact Swing-Away

With its 13"x13" platens and compact frame, the Insta 201 is the perfect small format machine for use in the home, craft and hobby industries. Its swing-away design makes the Insta 201 an extremely user-friendly machine by providing completely unobstructed access to the lower platen. Loading garments and placing transfers is hassle-free.

Cost-Efficient and Easy to Use

This small heat press machine is more cost-efficient for getting your business started, allowing you to create great products while gaining an incredible return on your investment. When it comes to intuitive, easy to use heat presses, the Insta 201 is one of the easiest to use for newcomers and experts alike.


  • 13” x 13” platen (33.02 x 33.02 cm)
  • Power your new business with an Insta!
  • Best return on investment for an affordable entry level press
  • Swing away upper platen = unobstructed access to lower platen
  • Adjustable gap opening of 2.75” to print up to .375” thick substrates

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Insta 201

Superior and even pressure across the plate The pressure source is strategically placed over the center of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. The result is an even and heavy duty distribution of pressure that is unmatched by other heat presses in the market today.

Cast-In Tubular Heating Element The tubular heating element is cast into the aluminum upper platen, heating the metal from within. The element is coiled throughout the upper platen to provide a reliable and even circulation of heat out to all corners.

Best possible return on your investment When you step up to an Insta you get a press that will continue to perform, year after year after year.

Depth: 23.5” (59.69 cm)

Width: 20” (50.8 cm)

Height: 15.25” (38.74 cm)

Power: 120 volt - 1200 Watts, 10.0 Amps / 220 volt – 1800 Watts, 7.8 Amps

Shipping Weight: 79 lbs. (35.6 kilos)

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Manual Swing Press 230V 13x13
Manual Swing Press 230V 13x13
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Manual Swing Press 230V UK
Manual Swing Press 230V UK
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Manual Swing Press 120V 13x13
Manual Swing Press 120V 13x13
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Manual Swing Press 230V 13x13
Manual Swing Press 230V 13x13
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