Insta 256 Heat Press Machine - Swing-Away Design and Quick-Change™ Features Offer Flexibility in Printing.

The Insta 256 Manual Swing-Away heat press machine with 16”x20” platens swings almost a full 180° to the right - providing you with unobstructed access to the lower platen while you load your garments and place your transfers. The new Quick-Change™ platens allow you to quickly swap your lower platen with any of Insta’s new accessory platens. The quick-change feature also allows you to quickly rotate the lower platen in a matter of seconds to suit your applications.

Easy Operation. Reliable Results. Every Time.

As a 16”x20” swing away heat press, this machine gives you tons of room to work for larger graphics. The Insta 256 has been meticulous crafted to accomplish and evenly distribute enormous pressure throughout the entire platen. Its cast-in tubular heating element heats the metal from within for a consistent and long-lasting heat. The Insta 256 is made from a combination of materials, making it lightweight without sacrificing the strength and durability for which Insta machines are known.


  • 16” x 20” platen (40.6 x 50.8 cm)
  • Versatile Quick-Change™ Interchangeable Accessory Platens
  • Pressure adjustment for printing thicker substrates up to 1.375 thickness (gap opening is 2.75”)
  • Operator friendly wrap-around stainless steel handle
  • Superior dressability

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Insta 256

Quick Change™ interchangeable accessory platens provides maximum production flexibility & efficiencies.

Stainless Steel ergonomic handle is user friendly and reduces operator fatigue.

Integrated digital controller for time and temperature & cycle counter.

Cast-in tubular heating element provides reliable & even heat across the platen.

H-frame design provides unobstructed access to the lower platen.

Main power switch adds additional protection for electrical control components.

Self-lubricating rear shaft reduces maintenance

Quick-Change™ interchangeable accessory platens Boost your productivity and application flexibility. Choose from 6” x 6”, 6” x 9” and shoe platen.

Adjustable opening control maximizes production options & efficiencies

Ergonomic wrap around handle is easy to use and reduces operator fatigue.

Swing-away upper platen improves safety. Unobstructed access to the lower platen increases productivity.

    Depth: 40” (101.6 cm)

    Width: 32” (81.3 cm)

    Height: 22” (55.9 cm)

    Power: 120 volt - 1750 Watts, 14.6 Amps / 230 volt – 2200 Watts, 9.6 Amps

    Shipping Weight: 121 lbs. (54.9 kilos)

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