Superflex & Superflex HP - Great for Apparel and Beyond

Our Superflex products are perfect for school and athletic logos, tagless labels, athletic names and numbers, decorative graphics, as well as branded logos for non-apparel related items. The durability and incomparable opacity make Superflex heat transfers perfect for printing on athletic meshes, coarse and textured materials like pique polos, shell nylon and twill. They are extremely versatile - with uses far beyond the apparel industry. Superflex HP is also a great solution for branding items in the home-goods industry, like vacuum bags, mattress covers, curtains and rugs.

When to Use Superflex

  • For tiling athletic names and numbers on uniforms
  • For open mesh fabrics like football and basketball jerseys
  • For coarse and textured materials like pique polos, athletic meshes, shell nylon windbreakers, etc.

When to Use Superflex HP

  • For high volume production - because of its short dwell time and hot peel capability
  • For sensitive fabrics - because of its low application temperature
  • For household products like vacuum bags, mattress covers and curtains
  • For polyester and cotton twill hats
  • Best transfer choice for fine detail and high definition graphics
  • Durable – great for everything from apparel to household products
  • Superflex cold peel works best with large graphics or tiling athletic names
  • Superflex hot peel works with lower temperature and shorter dwell times, improving production output
  • Fabric versatility and superior adhesion – best choice for heat sensitive materials & coarse substrates
  • Great opacity for dyed and sublimated fabrics
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in USA

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Superflex Hot Peel (HP)

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Cold Peel

Large graphics

Tiling names & numbers on sport jerseys

Projects with metallic & fluorescent inks

Hot Peel

Sport jerseys

Tagless Labels

School logos & school uniforms

Trucker hats & twill caps

Home goods: vacuum bags, microfiber towels, mattress covers, curtains, rugs

  • Cold Peel
  • Open mesh fabrics
  • Textured materials: pique polos, athletic meshes
  • Hot Peel
  • Course materials: canvas
  • Textured materials: pique polos, athletic meshes
  • Low temperature great for sensitive fabrics: nylon

    Cold Peel

  • Time: 10 -12 seconds dwell time
  • Temperature: 325°-350° F
  • Pressure: 30-40 lbs. pressure (medium)
  • Hot Peel

  • Time: 5 - 8 seconds dwell time
  • Temperature: 325°-340° F
  • Pressure: 30 - 40 lbs. pressure (medium)