Congratulations to The Third Place Winner of our Vintage Heat Press Contest!

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Congratulations to David Camou of Soccer Warehouse for winning the third place prize in our Vintage Heat Press Contest! We absolutely loved the story behind your Vintage Heat Press. As the third place prize winner, David has won either an $250 credit towards an accessory or $500 towards a new machine. Here is David’s winning entry:

Heat Press Parts and Accessories - Insta Graphic Systems machines print

“My name is David and I’m with a small company called Soccer Wearhouse. Our company started out in Victorville as a one location sports specialty store with the dream of becoming the first major Soccer Store Chain in the U.S.

One of the biggest services we provided for our customers that set us apart from other small chains was the immediate in store application of jersey numbers and professional number sets for all of our customer’s favorite teams and players. We were able to do this with an Insta Model 515 which looks like it was made decades ago. The machine has worked amazing though! Without it we would not have been able to make our business as successful as it is today, growing to 4 stores and a thriving online webstore in the last 4 years with no limit in growth in sight!

However as of late it has been slowly going out, making it difficult for us to meet our customer’s needs. Completely understandable considering how old it must be. the biggest problem we’re having with it is that the machine is not regulating the temperature properly. as you can see in the photos, a setting of about 300 degrees is overheating to almost 350 degrees.*

[Insta: We informed David that this is an easy repair using the MPP032 Capillary Tube temperature control replacement part]

We have loved using our Insta machine however it is not within our budget to purchase a new one anytime soon. we would love to win this contest in order to help our very first store provide for our customers as it has done since the beginning.
Thank you for your consideration!
David Camou”

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