Decorating Shirt Sleeves – Insta 256

Greg Farmer, INSTA Graphics System Sales Team:

Hey everyone, I’m Greg with Insta Graphic Systems and today I’m going to show you how to apply a shoulder patch to a sleeve using our Infinity Heat Transfer product. So this is a really versatile heat transfer. Infinite colors, that’s why we call it infinity. So you can print a digital image with this, but it still has the quality of a screen printed transfer. So it’s got the same durability of all of our other screen printed transfers, but with the versatility of digital images. So very, very cool product here.

This one that we’re applying today has a blocker applied, and that’s because we’re applying to a dark-colored shirt. So we’re going to be applying on the Insta 256. This is our award-winning manual heat press. It’s a swing away so you can swing fully away from the platen. I have our accessory platen here today, and this is our 6 by 9… excuse me, our 6 by 15 inch platen, which just makes it a little bit easier to get the sleeve dressed on the platen rather than with the standard 16 by 20. There are a lot of different ways, depending on what part of the sleeve you’re dressing that you can do this. We’re doing the shoulder, which is a little bit more complicated, so I’m going to fully dress the shirt around the platen. And because we’re doing kind of a shoulder patch, we want it to be lined up right in the center of the shoulder. So I’m actually going to line up the seam like that.

And this is one thing that’s great about Insta’s presses. When you’re pressing with seams and things like that, our presses get really solid and even pressure. So for some heat presses, having a seam like that could potentially screw up your transfer process. With an Insta, it’s not nearly as much of a problem. We’re going to do a pre-press on this just to help lower that seam a little bit, just for three to five seconds. I’m going to drop that down about four seconds there, pop it back up. You’ll see the shirt is much more leveled out now. So we can apply our transfer. And again, we’re going to line it up kind of just below the shoulder. And then we’re going to go ahead and do the perform the press. Our Infinity product is a hot peel, so I’m going to go ahead and peel immediately, pull this shirt off the platen and you’ve got your shoulder patch there, and these wrinkles will come out with washing. Thanks for joining us today. And remember when performance matters, Insta has your total solution.

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