Important Steps For Creating Your Own Custom Printed Garments Using Heat Transfers

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If you are considering starting a business to create your own custom printed apparel there are a number of basic steps that you will need to take to produce the best results.

With Insta Graphic Systems, you could be selling custom printed apparel in no time. Here are the steps you need to start creating custom t-shirts using heat transfers.

Buy your heat press machine

Anyone who needs to create custom printed, apparel, t-shirts, hats, bags, etc and wants to utilize the multiple business opportunities that heat transfers can provide will benefit greatly from purchasing a quality heat press machine. The heat press will allow you to efficiently apply the heat transfer graphic on to the garment that you will provide to your customers. Insta Graphic Systems has a wide selection of high quality manual or automatic heat press machines you can choose from and much will depend on your business enterprise and target market as to which heat press will suit you best.

Not sure which heat press machine is right for you? The Insta Graphics Team will gladly help you pick the right equipment.

Design and order your custom heat transfers

Next, you will need to create your graphic heat transfer design. This design, once applied, will become the customization of the garment or product. Typically, the graphic design will feature high definition clean graphic lines and follow color specification required for each graphic image. The art design you choose will also vary greatly from one style to another so be sure that the graphic design suits the garment and its target market. You can see some excellent examples of custom heat transfer applications here.

After you have chosen the garment or product that you intend to customize you will need to consider the size and color of the garment so that it can best compliment the transfer graphic design.

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