Improving Print Results by Adjusting Platens

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Check out this tip by Chris Pluck that was published in Printwear regarding the improvement of print results (when printing transfers) by adjusting platens:

When printing any ink type through any mesh, keeping the print platen flat and level is of the utmost importance. Doing so will produce an even-level ink deposit over the entire printed image.

Trying to adjust the squeegee and floodbar to compensate for uneven ink deposit when the real problem is with the uneven platen is like changing a tire on a vehicle because the radio won’t work.

It is also important to ensure that the printing platen is clean and free of deposits—i.e. garment fiber, lint, and/or fabric adhesive. These can result in an uneven finish to the ink surface.

Chris Pluck is Insta’s Business Development Director. He has been involved with the imprinting of textiles for more than 30 years. He is a passionate and positive advocate for all aspects of apparel printing. He is widely recognized for establishing inventive heat fusible printing products for the imaging of textile and won the 2015 SGIA Golden Image Award for Best Heat Transfer.

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