InstaGrip™ Industrial Transfer Secures 50 Industrial Wash Certification

Insta Graphic Systems proudly announces that it has just received a AATCC pass certification for 50 wash cycles for Industrial Laundering with its new InstaGrip™

Heat Transfer product which has been especially formulated for Industrial Work Wear.

Insta recognized that many customers requiring a industrial / durable wash transfer had nothing to offer their customers regarding repeatable industrial laundering processes.

After many months of development, Insta has received the AATCC laundering certification for the transfer which after 50 wash cycles showed no noticeable deterioration with the transfer after it had been applied to fabric and laundered.

The following key InstaGrip™ transfer pass parameters as recorded in the pass document noted that that following parameters were used in Insta receiving the pass directive: Color Change, Peeling, Blistering & Cracking.

Information regarding this exciting new heat transfer product from the Insta Graphic Systems’ range of heat transfer products can be obtained by contacting Insta’s offices at (800) 421-6971 or +1(562) 404-3000.

Thank you and Put It On! with Insta.

For more info on Insta’s products, visit us at www.instagraph.com or contact us at

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