Insta’s SGIA Golden Image Awards Entries

Sgia golden aga award Heat Press Machine Parts and Accessories - Insta Graphic Systems

And the award goes to…Insta Graphic Systems!

A proud recipient of 2 Golden Image Awards at the SGIA 2016 EXPO in Las Vegas 2016. Here are some details of what the winning transfers were:

“Full Metal Wolf”

  • Category: 15-Heat Transfers (Textile)
  • Subgroup: A-True Process
  • Number of screens used: 9
  • Halftone dot count: 175 line
  • Direct Emulsion
  • Substrates: Cotton/Polyester
  • Inks: Plastisol/Water-based
  • Special Effect: Metalized Embossed Structure
  • Finishing Process: Hot-Peel Transfer Application

“Stormtrooper – Abstact Structured Art”

  • Category: 15-Heat Transfers (Textile)
  • Subgroup: B-Single/Multicolor
  • Number of screens used: 10
  • Halftone dot count: 55 line
  • Direct Emulsion
  • Substrates: Cotton/Polyester
  • Inks: Plastisol
  • Special Effect: Embossed Imaging
  • Finishing process: Hot-Peel Heat Transfer

Put It On! with Insta.

For more info on Insta’s products, visit us at www.instagraph.com or contact us at sales@instagraph.com.

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