Pairing The Right Heat Transfer With Your Garment

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Chris Pluck recently published the following tip on Printwear:

When choosing a heat transfer for a specific fabric or apparel type it’s best to know upfront that no one transfer will be sufficient for all given the many variables associated with fabric substrates, fabric surfaces, and apparel finishes.

It’s not just the differences of the fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, Lycra etc. that determines the transfer credentials, it is also important to take into consideration the fabric surfaces associated with the manufacture of each garment. In addition, various characteristics such as the stability, stretch and durability of each garment needs attention when deciding on what transfer type should be used in conjunction with each garment variable.

To make this decision even more complex, the surface of the substrate may in some instances have a resistant coating applied to it. If this is the case, knowing this in advance can make the difference in having a durable finished transfer or not, as in many cases the resistant coated surface rejects the ability for the transfer ink to penetrate into the fabric, thereby creating the potential of reduced transfer adhesion to the garment.

The color content and fabric dye inherent in a colored garment will also have a part to play in the choice of what heat transfer should be used. With cotton fabric, the potential of over-dying can affect the color opacity and vibrancy of transfer ink colors. For synthetic fabrics, the battle here is to reduce or stop the migration of dye penetrating up into the transfer graphic, which can if not checked, destroy the color integrity of the inks once the heat transfer is applied to a garment under the heat press.

With the advance during recent years in the use of wearable performance, sports and fitness apparel, which often has high stretch synthetic fabric finishes, the heat transfer requirement for this apparel is predominately stretch durability.

Having such multiple choices of fabric available, it becomes imperative that the heat transfer is compatible with the fabric / garment characteristic. Knowing which transfer type is best suited for each fabric finish helps in creating the best possible transfer and garment combination.

Fortunately, Insta Graphic Systems USA has got you covered for Heat Transfers for all wearable apparel types. Here is a list of the various transfers Insta supplies and the corresponding substrates and uses for each:

InstaGrip is all you will ever need for a tough industrial laundering heat transfer that can easily be applied to Work wear, Hospitality, Medical & Uniform Apparel. 50 Industrial wash cycles without InstaGrip transfer damage. When the going gets tough InstaGrip gets going!

SuperFlex HP is what you will need for Team Sports and Athletic logos, Tagless Labels, Names & Numbers

Tuftrans II this is a truly tough heat transfer and is often used for branded logos, household and medical devices and orthopedic soft goods products.

Ultraspan II is a perfect solution for Fitness, Run, Bike, Swim, and Dance apparel. A multi-purpose stretchable transfer. Integral with the garment fabric and soft to touch.

Ultima is a super heat transfer choice for Performance and Compression sports apparel. Stretch and durability are the hallmarks of Ultima.

Lets Put It On with INSTA!

Chris Pluck, Insta’s Business Development Director, has been in the imprinting textile industry for over 30 years. He has worked in Europe as well as the US, focused in screen printing and fusible transfer systems.

For more info on Insta’s products, visit us at www.instagraph.com or contact us at sales@instagraph.com.

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