Top Reasons for Using Heat Transfers

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There are multiple options available for printing graphics on garments, but there is one that should be considered above all the other embellishment methods. Screen Printed or Digitally Printed heat transfers offer the ability to print multiple colors cleanly on a transfer sheet, aka carrier sheet, for a quick and easy application to a garment using a heat press machine. When available production time is short or the customer demands quick-turn delivery, heat transfers have few challengers.

Typically, transfers are pre-printed in various sizes and different designs on a carrier sheet. These can be purchased in advance and then applied to garments at a later date. When it is time to embellish or decorate a garment, the transfer may easily be applied using a heat press machine. By adjusting the dwell time, temperature and pressure settings on the heat press machine, the transfer is optimally applied to the garment in a fast, clean and efficient procedure.

When using transfers, there are no requirements to hold a vast inventory of finished garments as would be the case with direct or direct-to-garment print methods. The versatile transfer can be taken from storage and immediately applied to garments using a heat press machine. Repeat customer orders are planned by pre-ordering garments on an as-needed basis and, when ready, transfers can be taken from inventory and applied to the garments.

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Heat Transfer Advantages

  • Suitable for Multiple Fabrics (Cotton, 50/50, Lycra, Nylon, Polyester, etc)
  • Quick, Clean, Fast, Efficient
  • Soft Touch
  • Flexible – High Stretch.
  • No Cutting, No Weeding, No Multiple Passes
  • Digital and Screen Print Processes
  • Vibrant Colors
  • High Volume & Low Volume Quantities

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