2019 Summer Trends for Custom Apparel

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The apparel industry is massive, with the global clothing and textile industry currently worth an estimated $2.560 trillion. It’s not hard to see why – people will always need clothing, and many businesses can take advantage of this to improve their marketing. Sublimation presses and heat transfer technology make customizing clothing easier than ever, allowing you to put your designs, logos or branding on a variety of clothing and accessories. To make the most of your sublimation presses, use these Summer and Fall clothing trends to create customized clothes that people are sure to love.

Bright, Bold Colors

Summer and warm Fall weather is the perfect time to make use of bold, summery colors in your custom heat transfer designs and clothing items. Whether you’re putting your custom designs onto simple t-shirts or creative accessories, bold colors are guaranteed to make your items stand out against the rest. Just make sure the colors you’re using in your designs work well with one another – there’s a fairly large difference between brilliantly bold and a bit too busy. If you’re adding branding to brightly colored clothing, be careful that you’re still able to read any text in the design, or your company’s name might get lost in the image.

Athleisure Everywhere

One look that’s been big this year and looks to continue into the Fall season has been athleisure. People are opting to wear performance wear and athletic wear for far more than just their workouts, with leggings being a popular clothing item for comfortable wear at the gym and at home. Customizing these items can be a great choice for companies really looking to spread their branding. These clothing items are worn frequently and in a variety of places, ensuring more people will see your brand’s logo and name.

Cool, Casual Comfort

For guaranteed Summer and Fall wear, you’ll need to have clothing items that are built for the warm weather. This summer has been especially hot, pushing people to wear lighter fabrics across the board. Put your designs and branding on tank tops, shorts, T-shirts and other popular Summer-type items to boost your brands exposure.

To apply your designs to garments using either sublimation or traditional heat transfers, consider using a professional-grade heat press machine that applies even heat and pressure across the entire platen AND that is built to last more than just a season or two. You will avoid missing deadlines and/or damaging garments with a temperamental heat press that does not consistently work the way it should. For more information or to find sublimation or more traditional heat press machines that will work for you, contact Insta Graphic Systems today.

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