3 Sports And Performance Wear Trends To Watch For

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Summer is winding down and with the change of seasons comes all new trends for fashion. Maybe this is why the U.S. apparel market is expected to grow to an estimated value of $385 billion by 2025. Demand is particularly high for performance wear and sportswear, where consumers are looking to keep up with all the popular athletic looks while still finding high-quality exercise-worthy wear. Consider these options when selecting garments to stay on trend.

Athleisure: Keeping It Comfy

Recently, the emphasis in workout wear has been on comfort, and this has led to active wear being worn as part of a daily wardrobe as well. If you want to capitalize on this, make sure your activewear is as comfortable for daily life as it is for working out; you’ll be able to widen the appeal for your garments this way.

Leggings: Form-Fitting Function

Leggings aren’t just popular for exercising – they’re a great option for those staying active on a daily basis or for just lounging around the house. However, there’s one thing that many leggings lack in their designs: functionality. Most leggings don’t have pockets, making them an occasionally inconvenient choice. Leggings with pockets are far more practical, and adding a pocket to an otherwise simple pair of leggings will make it more appealing to most buyers.

Colors: Bold Designs And Printed Patterns

Bright colors and bold looks are one of the more consistent trends you can count on, and this Summer and Fall are no different. Many major athletic brands are making use of manual heat presses to add bright and brilliant designs to their athletic wear, or are picking fabrics with unique patterns to make a statement. Manual heat presses are a fairly simple way to add graphics and logos to athletic wear, so if you want your athletic clothing to make use of this trend, you may want to consider acquiring one for your business.

Insta Graphic Systems offers several custom heat transfer products that stretch with the garment and continue looking great wash after wash. Earlier this summer Insta introduced a new silicone transfer, SiliconeX, that offers superior stretch and bright, bold colors, and it is extremely durable. It’s the perfect transfer for performance wear and sportswear garments.

Trends come and go, but these sports fashions are sure to make a bold statement. Stay up to date with fashion trends in the Summer and Fall seasons with these helpful tips.

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