Heat Press Transfers Heat Up The Industry

Today’s high tech world has enabled just about everybody to start a business, podcast or post on social media to share their products or opinions with the world. These types of outlets rarely exist without some kind of branding and logo. People want to share their brand on shirts, uniforms, gloves, socks and everything in between. This helps to explain why the heat press machine and heat transfer industries continue to grow in popularity. But, even with the perfect transfer, without a professional-grade heat press machine that delivers even pressure and heat across the entire platen AND is durable to avoid downtime, your business is at risk.

Have you ever had a client come back to you, holding a shirt with a shredded, disintegrating transfer logo? This nightmare scenario for any heat transfer business is not always caused by the transfer. It could be the result from using an inconsistent heat press machine. This is a major reason why purchasing cheaper heat press machines isn’t usually better in the long run. In a world filled with a wide range of heat press machine options, a high-quality heat press may be just what you need. And if you purchase a high-quality heat press, there are options for purchasing accessories and increasing the usefulness of the machine.

Potential Heat Press Accessories

Shirts – The most common need for a heat press machine is most likely going to be to apply custom heat transfers onto a t-shirt. Can you guess what the number one selling online category was in 2017? It’s actually women’s apparel, and tops make up a major part of that. Be prepared to make someone’s day by customizing women’s garments with heat transfers and a heat press machine. You’ll provide a needed service to your clientele and blow away the competition. There are different sized and shaped platens available for adult garments, children’s garments and long sleeves.

Uniforms – Although you may not receive a call from a professional sports team, there are plenty of business meetings and conferences that require garments to be customized. Additionally, all it takes is a quick trip to the park to notice how many recreational soccer, basketball, baseball and other sports leagues need uniforms on a regular basis. For numbers on the back of the garments, large sized platens are the right call. For smaller logos on the chest, a smaller platen, such as a 6”x6”, may be easier to work with.

Hats – It is only a matter of time before your business receives a request to apply heat transfers to hats. Make sure the finished product is something that everyone is proud to wear for many years to come, and your phone just might ring for the next big project, as well. To account for the shape of the hat, you will most likely need a cap heat press. But some manufacturers offer different sized platens for their cap heat press machines. These presses can then be used to apply transfers to different sized hats AND front chest logos on shirts and tagless labels on the inside back collar on shirts.

How do you feel about your current heat press machine? If there is hesitation in your answer, then you may want to upgrade your equipment. Cheap may seem like a good idea at the time of purchase, but in the long run it won’t be especially profitable when the results don’t line up with your customer’s needs. See what a quality heat press machine can do for your business. Contact Insta Graphic Systems today.

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