Insta’s Custom Heat Transfers – Easy as 1-2-3.


Elevate your style with our Insta 418 Cap Heat Press 🦾🔥 and Custom Heat Transfers 🎨! This total solution allows you to customize hats 🧢 with ease. Our Heat transfers are custom made, cut to size, available in multiple colors, and boast high quality. Link in Bio 🔗 for pricing and info. #heattransfers #dtf #directtofilm #heatpressnation #capheatpress #customhats #hats

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When choosing heat transfers for embellishment of apparel, the first question often asked by customers is how quickly can heat transfers be applied? This question is not easy to answer when you consider the array of different printing products and application methods available. By utilizing heat transfers as a means to create the most effective and user friendly apparel embellishment, there is one product that should be considered above all other printing methods when the demand is for time sensitive productivity and a quality finished product; Insta’s Custom Heat Transfers.

Insta’s Custom Heat Transfers should not be confused with other heat transfer products, such as cad-cut or vinyl transfers. These “other” transfers require equipment, additional labor and time consuming steps to produce the transfer, such as cutting, weeding of the design to remove excess film and repeated pressing of the transfer for adhesion.

With Insta’s Custom Heat Transfers, it is much faster and efficient to apply transfers to garments. They are pre-made, cut to size, and may include multiple colors. It is just a matter of placing the Insta Custom Heat Transfer on the garment and pressing it with a heat press machine. This makes embellishing apparel fast, easy and efficient. So, in answering the question “how quickly can heat transfers be applied?” with Insta’s Custom Heat Transfers, the answer is “about 20 to 30 seconds.” This includes placing the garment on the platen and applying the heat transfer with a heat press machine.

With Insta’s Custom Heat Transfers, there are Three Easy Steps for customers to follow to embellish or decorate a garment:

Set the heat press machine’s settings to the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Time, temperature and pressure are the three key components to consider when pressing transfers onto garments.

Custom heat transfer with vinyl film Heat Press Machine - Insta Graphic Systems

Place the garment on the heat press machine’s lower platen and position the transfer on the garment. You can use either a manual or automatic heat press.

Engage the heat press to apply the transfer onto the garment. It’s fast and easy set-up. Insta’s Custom Heat Transfer is now applied to the garment and it’s ready to wear.

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