A Performance Heat Transfer for Performance Wear Apparel

ultima design with women showing products on shirt and hat. Heat Press Machine - Insta Graphic Systems

Performance Wear Apparel has completely arrived! The need to add shape and style to high stretch garments has never been more prolific and exciting. Performance synthetic fabrics such as polyester, Lycra / Spandex and Elastomers as seen in Sportswear, gym and workout apparel are typical of the garments used.

In addition, the Performance Compression clothing explosion is gaining momentum with compression garments that applies compression to specific parts of the body.

Compression increases body circulation and blood flow, assists recovery of muscles, reduces swelling and quickens surgery recovery time.

The majority of Performance garments have some form of print image applied to them and the perfect embellishment to use on these types of garments is Ultima™ from Insta Graphic Systems.

Using the Ultima™ transfer product is a great method for branding items like molded neoprene, sports braces, and soft-good medical devices.

Ultima™ has all the stretchable, durable properties required for Performance / Compression stretch fabric.

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