How to Print Multiple Graphics on One Sheet

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Printwear Magazine recently had a question come in from a reader asking whether it is possible to print more than one image on a heat transfer sheet to save time and money? Here is Insta’s Sean Savitch with the answer:

Printing multiple images or graphics onto one sheet is one of the great advantages of printing transfers. Multiple graphics can be arranged on one sheet and printed at the same time, provided that the same colors are used throughout the sheet layout. This is referred to as “ganging.” For example, athletic or team numbers can be combined with the team’s logos or letters, all on one sheet.

Sean Savitch currently holds the position of research and design technician for Insta Graphic Systems located in Cerritos Calif. He has been associated with the imprinting of textiles for more than 20 years, working with innovative applications and new technologies in large print shops throughout North America.

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