Bride’s Guide to Customized Gifts

So you are planning your wedding, and your bridesmaids have been there with you through it all. They’ve been there through all your breakdowns, crying spells, and excitement screams. For this and all of their hard work, you want to give them the best possible gift to thank them.

You’ve gone back and forth on what to buy your bridesmaids to conclude the crazy journey you’ve been on together while planning this wedding. Why not get them some awesome apparel? In 2016 alone, $315 billion was what the American apparel market was worth. That being said, women’s apparel is undeniably popular in the industry. There’s no way your girls won’t love some wedding themed apparel.

Customize It
Don’t just give your bridesmaids any old t-shirt you found at the department store, get them something customized! Give your girls a gift they will never forget by imprinting the wedding experience on to something they can wear every day.

Hats with everyone’s names on them are a great idea for a day at the beach when the sun is blinding. Speaking of the beach, customized beach towels are a great gift that your bridesmaids can use for a lifetime. What about matching tote bags? You and your bridesmaids will be able to enjoy lugging around all your wedding day supplies in themed bags that represent your amazing friendship.

Heat Press
What’s the best way to customize apparel? With a heat press of course! Heat presses use heat transfer to print designs onto all sorts of clothing items. Hats can be customized with a hat heat press. Bags can be printed on so the whole group can shop in style. Simply pick a design, put your item in a heat press machine, and voila!

You have many options when it comes to your customized apparel. You can order your own heat press machine right here and do everything at home yourself. Get that hat heat press or any other specialty presses to fit your design needs. If that doesn’t work for you, you can order your custom heat transfers directly from us. Pick your design, tell us what type of apparel you want it printed on, and we’ll do the rest. Contact us and let us help you select the perfect gift for your bridesmaids today!

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