Selling Women’s Apparel? Here’s Who to Market to and How To Make Your Efforts Successful

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Custom t-shirts made by a sublimation heat press are extremely common and cost-effective when it comes to production, which is why many apparel companies are selling these products today. Sublimation heat presses use heat transfer to print designs on special transfer paper by the means of a heat press. In short, this means that a design can be printed on special paper and then “ironed” onto a t-shirt with the heat press.

What are sublimation heat presses good for?
Sublimation heat presses can be used for more than just t-shirts too. Socks, hats, coats, bags, and shoes are just some of the many items that can have designs printed on them with a sublimation heat press. These designs are not just for casual clothing items, either. Sports teams that want matching uniforms with the team’s logo often take advantage of this type of printing. Custom designs can even be printed for professional work apparel.

Whether you run an apparel company or simply sell branded products as a supplemental revenue stream, these heat presses are an invaluable tool. However, it’s also important to know how to identify the proper audience for the products you’ve created. Is the targeted consumer finding your products? Are they actually buying them?

When designing graphic t-shirts and other custom apparel, it’s important to research your potential market. For instance, the number one top-selling item on the internet as of August 2017 was women’s apparel. If you’re selling women’s apparel, knowing your audience is critical information on the internet. On the other hand, a sporting goods store with a brick and mortar location might be better off marketing their products to the local kickball league.

Now that you know who to sell your t-shirts and custom apparel to, let’s go over how to sell these products. According to The Holmes Report, “women are the world’s most dominant consumers, with 85% of the buying power, whether in purchase or influence.” How do we get to these women? The Holmes Report tells us to treat them as we would any friend of ours. Every potential customer has their own unique personality and can help contribute to your company.

In order to attract and keep your new customers’ attention, make sure you’re treating them as unique individuals. Everyone woman has her own interests and desires, and they should be catered to during the shopping experience.

The first step is to listen. It is important to understand the customer’s lifestyle and learn about what drives her so that you can appeal to those things.

The next step is to try and tap into her emotions. She wants to feel something about the product she is buying. Make sure it is doing something good for her, for her family, etc.

Finally, the Holmes Report suggests that the best way to reach a woman is by going to where she already is instead of trying to take her somewhere else.

“This can be done by targeting the titles she reads, pitching the social media platforms and channels she follows, and partnering with like-minded influencers and brands she admires,” the report reads.

If you’re in the business of fashion and apparel, remember that women are your biggest target audience. Follow these tips and you should shoot to the top in no time!

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