Fabric and Heat Transfer Collaboration

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When pressing heat transfers onto variable fabrics and apparel types it pays to take that extra moment to determine how the transfer becomes an integral part of the garment before establishing a purchase order and for sure before the transfer application to the garment by heat press takes place.

Although highly important its not just the (TTP) Time, Temperature & Pressure that guarantees the transfer adhesion to garment, there are some other variables that you need to view concerning the transfer and heat press combination upfront of applying the transfer.

The heat transfer whatever its foundation formula is not the first consideration when preparing the transfer for application to the garment. The first consideration has to be the fabric and garment type.

The fabric should always be aligned with choice of heat transfer as the transfer ink and fabric surface condition if not compatible can mean the difference between success or failure.

knowing what fabric and heat transfer type work in collaboration will save much pain and heartache over the long haul, as you may now have the face of your customer staring at you when the transfers are creating problems mainly because the heat press and fabric combination was not aligned at the initial stage?

Choosing the fabric to combine with the heat transfer characteristics is not a big deal at all, but many people still only guess at what the end result is going to look like following the transfer application onto the garment.

Insta Graphic Systems for instance is always on hand to provide customer advice and recommendations as to the compatibility of fabric with heat transfer finishes and their application to garment.

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