Five Tips for Quicker Heat Printing

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This tip was recently re-featured in Printwear:

There are several steps decorators can take to make sure facilities are running as efficiently as possible. First, I recommend working with a heat transfer that has a short dwell time (preferably under four seconds) and is a hot peel. Transfers that follow such application guidelines tend to be the best for high-volume production.

Next, I recommend putting Teflon covers over the lower platen on each heat press. The Teflon covers help slide garments on and off the platen quickly, while also protecting the rubber pad.

In terms of maximizing staff efficiency, a good production setup is where one employee operates two machines side-by-side, while a second employee stages/preps the substrates and transfers, as well as does the packing. One prepper can typically stage for two operators. Additionally, to make production easier on laborors, prepare work benches that are flush with the lower platen for ergonomic ease of transfer application.

Lastly, prepare substrates on removable platens (think of pizza trays) and use those to load and unload garments from the heat press.

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