How to adjust plungers on the Insta 256 Arm getting stuck 🔩🔧

Greg Farmer, INSTA Graphics System Sales Team:

Hey, I’m Greg with the Insta Graphic System Sales Team, and today I’m going to show you a quick tip on the Insta 256. If your arm is doing this when you release it, if it’s dropping down, or if your arm when you release it is getting stuck and it’s really difficult to pull down, that is most likely related to the plungers, which are little stoppers that are behind these nuts here on the arm. So there’s a little plunger in there that’s supposed to catch the arm just right in a couple different spots. It’s a safety thing and also just a convenience thing. But sometimes they’re, in shipping they can get loose or too tight when we ship the machines and then the arm will drop like this or it’ll get stuck. So it’s a relatively simple thing, and I recommend doing this when the machine is off and cold because this area can get a little bit warm, but you just get a wrench like this or you get some pliers or an adjustable wrench. This is a size 17 and you loosen this up here.

And it’s kind of a trick to pop the nut off. I’m actually not going to pop it all the way off, but once you get in there, you have this piece here you can see that has the threads on it, and you actually spin that. So if I put the arm down, you can see where the plunger comes out here. It’s this little round piece here. And basically our problem is that the arm is just dropping down, so we want to tighten it a little bit so that it sticks in a little bit farther in there. And then same thing for the other side. I’ll loosen that nut. And we’re going to spin this until that little round tip just sticks in just a little bit farther in there. And then once that’s done, and you may have to do this a couple of times until you get it just right. You know, tighten it a little bit or loosen it a little bit, and then put the nuts back on.

See if that’s better. There we go. Okay, so now we have it catching properly in the two different spots. You can see there, you can easily operate the press, but it still catches in those two different locations that it’s supposed to. Thanks for joining us today. If you ever have any questions about the maintenance on your machine or about an issue you’re having, feel free to reach out to us on our website, and remember, when performance matters, Insta has your total solution.

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